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Early Learners' ABC Activity Book

Following are the distinctive features of the book:

Learning the alphabet with the help of colorful pictures. Colouring the pictures as well as alphabets. Providing a rich calligraphic exercise of both capital and small alphabets in bold format. From ā€œAā€ to ā€œZā€ small and capital letters are beautifully arranged in order to attract the eye of the children. The paper is of the best quality so that it should not lose its value while practising calligraphy through rubbing the letters again and over again, thus costing not so much amount as the cheap and sub-standard editions involve. Moreover, it is by all means, comparable to any foreign edition existing in the market. Finally, the publication will attract every eye in view of its colourful illustrations along with latest and modern techniques that make the book appealing and impressive.


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