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Back to Basics

Reference Grammar And Workbook

BACK TO BASICS aims at helping students of English bridge the gap between the intermediate and advanced levels of English learning. It focuses on the student who has already mastered the fundamentals of grammar and requires a structural approach to further improvement. It is an English reference grammar and workbook appropriate for adolescent as well as adult learners. Designed for use in high schools, and private language schools, it may also be used for consolidation and review purposes at university level. The book is divided into 23 units. Each one deals with a complete language area (e. g. the present tenses, the articles, etc.) rather than presenting one isolated grammar point at a time, thus enabling the student to gain a comparative view of the use of English. Units begin with a thorough explanation of the functions of the language area and illustrate all concepts with exhaustive examples in authentic English. The distinguishing characteristic of this book is that it features an abundance of varied and high level comparative exercises to reinforce student comprehension through practical application. Although it is mainly designed to be used with the support of the teacher, it may also be considered a self-study grammar, due to the availability of an answer KEY TO EXERCISES.


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